Reverie App

reverie app loading screen

Software: Adobe Illustrator 2021 | Adobe Photoshop 2021

Reverie is a conceptual app for people to keep a record of their dreams. Reverie provides a simple user interface to navigate through a catalog of dreams the user inputs. Users can title, log, add location, record sleep quality, and tag each dream log. When logging a dream, the user can either type or draw. The user can set an alarm to remind them to log their dream as soon as they wake.

Each icon is a simple graphic that correlates with what it is linked to. While each icon was made, high contrast was kept in mind so users with sight issues can still see each icon clearly.

Reverie’s color palette gives the users a calming user experience. The light yellow of stars and complimentary purple color go well and contrast the deep blue of the night sky. Illustrations of sheep are used to create a friendly atmosphere associated with sleep. The navigation is straightforward, with clear icons that create unity within the app.

reverie sketches

Reverie sketches for the icons, the logo, and the sheep illustrations

reverie color study

Reverie final icons

welcome sheep illustration

Reverie Welcome Sheep

sheep sleeping illustration

Reverie Sleeping Sheep

Reverie Alarm Set Sheep

alarm sheep illustration

Reverie Alarm Sheep

reverie home icon

Reverie icon on screen

reverie loading screen

Reverie loading screen

reverie welcome screen

Reverie welcome screen

reverie log it screen

Reverie log dream screen

reverie logged screen

Reverie dream is logged screen

reverie dream log screen

Reverie past dream log screen

Reverie alarm screen

reverie alarm set screen

Reverie alarm is set screen

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