Express-O Café

expresso cafe window logo

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Express-O Café is a fictional coffee shop that specializes in both coffee and creativity. The brand aspires to create a comforting atmosphere for artists around town to share their artwork and have a cup of coffee. The color palette is shades of brown to convey a sense of comfort. Accent colors of light pink and orange bring warmth to the brand. The logo of Express-O Café combines a hand-drawn coffee mug with a high contrast font. This combination illustrates both a sense of creativity and structure.

The brochure explains to customers how Express-O Café is more than just a coffee shop. Within this mug-shaped booklet, you can find the company’s story, the menu, and other information. The menu is the highlight of the brochure, with its easy-to-read type and layout. On the back of the brochure is a coupon that informs customers of the store’s hours and doubles as a punch card.

expresso cafe sketches

Brainstorm sketching for logo

expresso logo versions

Previous versions of the Express-O Café logo

expresso cafe ads

Print and online ads for Express-O Café

expresso cafe coupon card
expresso cafe hot drink cup

Express-O Café coupon card

Express-O Café drink cup

expresso cafe cover
expresso cafe spread 1
espresso spread 2

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