Grisha Infographic

grisha infographic mockup

Software: Adobe InDesign 2021 | Adobe Illustrator 2021

This infographic provides information about the characters referred to as Grisha in the fictional world written by Leigh Bardugo in her trilogy Shadow and Bone. Many elements of this piece reflect the world created by Bardugo. The font Deutsch Gothic gives an ancient feel, following the period of the books. The font Anago used for all body copy contrasts the headings and displays the information simply for the viewer to read and digest. The color palette of red, purple, and blue go with the three types of Grisha. Brown is a neutral color that balances all the others. The old parchment image added to the infographic background gives it an aged look that follows the theme of the books.

Each icon illustrates the information near it.
The icons create variety within the infographic, keeping the viewer entertained by breaking up information into easy to digest chunks. The infographic is balanced into sections, allowing viewers to skip to whatever information they
need when looking back for specific content.

grisha infographic icon sketches

Icon Sketches

neyar icon

Sankta Neyar Icon

Vincent icon

Sankt Vladimir Icon

magda icon

Sankta Magda Icon

antler stag icon

Morozova’s Stag Icon

sea dragon fetter icon

Sea Whip’s Fetter Icon

feather mal icon

Malyen Oretsev Icon

grisha color study

Color Study

grisha type study

Type Study

infographic try 1

Grisha Infographic Attempt 1

infographic try 2

Grisha Infographic Attempt 2

Grisha Infographic Attempt 2

final grisha infographic

Grisha Infographic Final

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