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Software: Adobe Illustrator 2021 | Adobe Photoshop 2021

Maiden is a fictional company that creates products for those who have a Virgo astrological sign. Virgos are known as people who take care of others’ needs before their own. This line of products is to encourage Virgos to take time for themselves. Research went into each element of these designs to specifically appeal and relate to Virgos.

The color green relates to nature, and the monochromatic palette is pleasing to Virgos, who enjoy order and simplicity. The dark green in the background contrast the light green illustrations and type. A low opacity image of leaves in the background adds a texture and contrast but doesn’t distract the viewer from the primary information.

The hand-drawn illustrations on each package are maidens in different poses that relate to each product. A maiden is both the name of the company and the symbol of Virgos. These organic lines flow in varying line weights, creating a comfortable feel and catching the viewer’s eye. The bottom line of each design is pulled from the Maiden logo, adding unity to each piece. The type selected contrasts the organic illustrations by adding structure. The serifs on the P22 Mackinac Pro typeface and the lack of line weight on the sans serif font Soleil produce a sense of solidness.

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Maiden Research and Sketches

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