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Lady Ace is a fictitious team of women who play cards competitively. The primary logo for this sports team shows a queen wearing a crown expressing the spirit of the team and the playfulness of the game. Her quirked eyebrow and crown show the team’s competitive side and how these ladies are ready to win. The main colors are black and red, alluding to the color palate in a standard deck of cards. The san serif font, Nimbus Sans Bold Italic, is minimal but strong, representing the quality and strength of a well-played game of cards. The secondary and tertiary logo utilizes elements from the primary logo to create simplicity for use on uniforms, merchandise, and the identity system.

The identity system for Lady Ace consists of a business card, letterhead, and an envelope. The identity guidelines illustrate how each element creates unity and should apply in terms of logo treatment, clear space, colors, typefaces, printed branding, and team member uniforms. Each section is clearly laid out for easy comprehension for no misuse of the team’s branding.

lady ace logo sketches

Lady Ace Logo Sketches

Lady Ace Secondary Logo

Lady Ace Primary Logo

Lady Ace Tertiary Logo

Lady Ace Identity System

Lady Ace Identity System

Lady Ace Uniform Front

Lady Ace Uniform Front

Lady Ace Uniform Back

Lady Ace Identity Guidelines

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