Express-O Café Website

express-o cafe website mockup

Software: HTML and CSS | Bootstrap 4

The Express-O Café website is a responsive webpage that follows the company’s established brand. Bootstrap 4 and HTML code were used to build the website’s framework. CSS code was integrated to customize the site. This customization followed a style tile that was used to plan and visualize the warmth and comfort in the design. Personas were developed to establish the site’s audience, highlighting what difficulties needed to be confronted when creating the design.

The brand colors and fonts create contrast between the headings and the body copy. Alternating colors of white and light pink create divisions within the body of the page. As the user scrolls, the navigation bar stays insight, allowing the user access to links of each section of the website at any time.


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expresso cafe wireframe

Express-o Café Website Wireframe

expresso cafe desktop website

Final Express-o Café Website

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