Express-O Café Packing

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At Express-O Café, consumers can buy products not available on the menu. These products follow the brand’s style by using the same fonts, Abril Fatface and Mr Eaves Mod OT, and the brand’s colors. Each design contains a barcode, declaration of a product, declaration of responsibility, country of origin, and volume.

The reusable cup packaging has a fathered gradient over a coffee bean image and can be displayed on a shelf. Along with the colors, this effect provides the soft and cozy feel

that Express-O Café strives to achieve. The sketchbook packaging can be stacked or propped up. This product’s wrap has a dark coffee stain background, creating a contrast with the information displayed on the product. The stainless steel straws packaging can hang on a hook. The bubbly image in the background adds both texture and depth. The product is pictured on the packaging, so the viewer quickly knows what the item is.

expresso straws front

Reusable Straws Front

expresso straws back

Reusable Straws Back

expresso sketchbook front

Sketchbook Outside

Sketchbook Inside

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