Let's Talk Periods

period brochure mock

Software: Adobe Illustrator 2021 | Adobe InDesign 2021 | Adobe Photoshop 2021

The concept of this brochure is to provide basic information for those who do not know much about menstruation. The data presented is clear and organized without being too technical, appealing to the age group of pubescent teens and their parents. Balance is used in this design
to create symmetrical layouts in terms of visual weight on each spread. Alignment is made with a baseline grid, ensuring all type is in their correct placement.

The fonts chosen for this pamphlet are basic, ensuring that the information is clear and easy to read. The sans serif fonts are used for headings and labels, their weight drawing some attention

to the crucial information. The serif font is used for body copy, being easy on the eyes when reading a lot of information. Type helps create a visual hierarchy between headlines and body copy, directing the viewer’s eye.

For the color palette, a bold red gains the reader’s attention quickly while going with the topic of the brochure. Most of the pamphlet is monochromatic, allowing some variance, so the reader doesn’t get bored and has a similar feeling so that they feel comfortable with it. Icons within the booklet create visual aids within the brochure, their consistent colors creating unity within the spreads.

color and type study

Type and Color Study

period sketches

Brochure layout thumbnails and icon sketches

period brochure front and back

Brochure front cover introducing the content and the back cover providing sources

Brochure spread explaining the contents

period brochure spread 2

Brochure spread explaining what a period is and how there is no shame in having one

period spread 3

Brochure spread explaining the basic statistics of a period and how there will be changes to the body

period brochure spread 4

Brochure spread explaining the different colors of menstrual blood and their meanings

period brochure spread 6

Brochure spread explaining the symptoms on a period and how to relieve them

period brochure spread 6

Brochure spread explaining the products that can be used when on a period

period brochure spread 7

Brochure spread explaining the types of hormonal birth control birth control that can affect a menstrual cycle

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