taylor bednarski

Graphic Designer based in Cleveland, Ohio

Graphic design is all around us. It provides a way to creatively solve the problem of communicating a message to the masses. That could be a company’s identity, a feeling associated with a product or brand, or specific details for an event. The concept of design has intrigued me from a young age. Designs that were bright and bold to minimalist clean design made me interested in this field. I start with a concept from research brainstorming to embody the general idea of what is to come. Color pallets, typography, illustrations, and icons provide the detail and precision needed to communicate the message. These ideas are displayed visually through packaging, print, logos, and layout design.

period brochure cover

Let's Talk Periods

brochure, typography, icons, illustration

Maiden Self Care

illustration, packaging, typography
lady ace jersey

Lady Ace

logo, branding, identity guidelines
expresso cafe window logo

Express-O Cafe Brand

branding, typography, layout
expresso cafe website mock

Express-O Cafe Website

interactive web, html, bootstrap 4
expresso cafe window logo

Express-O Cafe Products

packaging, typography, print ready
reverie loading screen


app, interactive web, icons
grisha infographic mockup

Grisha Infographic

icons, typography

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